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FOR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION: Contact Mike Tivey at 848.200.7574 (office 9am - 5pm)

The owner of the school has been a resident of Metuchen for over 20 years and the business is in the heart of said town.  Our school serves Middlesex, Somerset and Union Counties in Central New Jersey.

Do you have a child who will be driving soon?

We at Main Street Driving School LLC will help you prepare for when your teenager begins his/her behind-the-wheel portion of the Driver Education Course after passing the written test.

Main Street Driving School wants this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone as well as being educational.

Your teenager can start driving after their 16th birthday. The student will have completed the classroom (theoretical) section at High School and taken the written test (a pass is 80% or higher)

Note: The 16 year old does NOT have to wait to take the written test at school; you can have your teenager sign-up with a driving school (we will be pleased if you choose Main Street Driving School) and take the test at the Motor Vehicle Agency.

Although your High School may suggest a driving school, you are NOT obliged to use that driving school - as a parent you have every right to use the driving school of your choice. Please do your research based, not only on price (which is important), but also on the quality of service and instruction. Main Street Driving School prides itself on giving both excellent customer service and quality instruction - we have over 20 years experience in driver education and instruction.

Driver education is for the sole purpose of reducing traffic accidents by giving the 16 year old good theoretical knowledge and behind-the-wheel instruction; although the behind-the-wheel course is six hours - as set down by law - you can schedule more lessons if you so desire.

The 16 year old can start driving after a parent/guardian has given permission and both the adult and student  together with a representative of the driving school have signed the "green" MVC student permit application form and the said form is completed including the student's social security number. With the permit purchased, eye exam passed, the written test passed and a contract between the driving school and the parent has been signed it is now time for the first driving lesson.

The driving school by law has to "hold" the permit until the six hour course has been completed; the permit signed by the owner of the driving school and the permit validated at the MVC. Main Street Driving School will also schedule (if possible) the Road Test date and time for your son/daughter. Your teenager can then begin driving with a licensed driver who is 21 years of  age or older and held a driving license for 3 years or more (cannot use an out-of-state driving license - must be a New Jersey driving license). Decals also have to be on the top left corner of both plates while the student is driving and have to be used until one year after the teenager has passed the Road Test.

The student has to have the permit for at least six months before taking the Road Test.


The Motor Vehicle Commission has a curriculum that has to be adhered to during the six-hour of behind-the-wheel instruction.


We pride ourselves in giving first class instruction at all times and are constantly improving our methods of teaching; which not only benefits the student but also the driving instructors.

Being courteous and friendly to our students is another important aspect of our philosophy. Two very important points we try to instill into our students are:

1) Enjoy the learning experience

2)  Know you have learned and gained from the experience.

It is part of the learning experience that we try our outmost to make the student feel comfortable, confident and safe behind the wheel.

Our lessons are 'door-to-door' and are all individual sessions with no other student in the car. The only time we allow more than one student in the car is if we are taking them to the MVC for an eye exam or the Road Test at which time no lesson will be given.

We are a non-smoking driving school and do not allow anyone to smoke in the vehicles at any time or for our driving instructors to take a smoking break during lessons.

We are a family owned and operated driving school; we have children of our own and understand parents are placing their teenager into the care of someone who is new to them. We will not be offended if anyone asks to see our credentials; plus the school license number and telephone number are visible on our cars. The instructors are also finger printed for background checks by the MVC. Our cars are late model vehicles and maintained on a constant basis.

The owner and instructors of Main Street Driving School respect your concerns at all times.

The school is open 7 days a week for instruction and we do our utmost to schedule lessons around you.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am - to 5pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm.

Please call if you have any questions or if you have any concerns.

We are here to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone concerned.


The following documents are required to obtain the permit.

1) Original Birth certificate (Civil) with the raised seal from the Department of Vital Statistics and NOT the Birth Certificate from the hospital,

or a valid USA Passport or Foreign students who are not USA citizens - an Original Alien Registration Card (Green Card) together with the Original Social Security Card (signed).

2) Original High School Written Waiver Test Card - signed and completed by the Driver Education Teacher.

Main Street Driving School can provide the written test service. If the student has missed or failed the test at school, a driving school instructor can accompany the student to the MVC to take the test there.

We look forward to having your teenager as a student of Main Street Driving School.

No matter your age, you (the student) are our paying customer and we treat you with the respect you would expect and also deserve from our driving school!






Thank you on behalf of Main street Driving School LLC


Mike Tivey

Owner of Main Street Driving School

Licensed by the State of New Jersey #000247